DRESDE (ALLEMAGNE) septembre 2010 > interprétation DANSE / THÉÂTRE

Collavocation (Working title) von Takako Suzuki
in Hellerau - European Center for the Arts Dresden

Collavocation deals with various artistic vocations and looks into all the different facts connected to the human body. How do we experience our bodies? What changes through movement? Collavocation explores individual, personal processes on the stage, always searching for universal
elements of bodily identity.

elements of bodily identity.

Choreography: Takako Suzuki (J/D)
Dancers: Andrea Wesfreid (F), Pinar Ömerbeyoglu (TUR/D), Hervé Chaussard (F)
Model: Zuleika Ponsen (NL/F)
Actors: Eric Houzelot (F), Moanda Daddy Kamono (CGO/F)
Music/Composition: Jassem Hindi (LB/F)
Make-up artist: Pierre-Francois Carrasco (F)
Costumes: Regine Standfuss (D)
Stage design: Saskia Wunsch (D)
Translation: Elisa Coissard (F)
Photographer: Volker Renner (D)
Light designer: N.N (D), HELLERAU

Dramaturgy mentoring: Carmen Mehnert, HELLERAU

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