Résidence-Recherche à la Ménagerie de Verre - Paris

Takako Suzuki, director/choreographer
Andrea Wesfreid, dancer
Rose-Helene Constant, dancer
Hervé Chaussard, dancer

Zuleika, model/stylist

Moanda Daddy Kamono, actor

Eric Houzelot, actor

Jassem Hindi, soundartist
Pierre-Francois Carrasco, make-up artist

a dancetheater performance that builds its language upon a set of relations between the static and changeable, silence and noise as well as the abstract and gestural.
This invitation is a challenge. It proposes a meeting of artists from very different artistic realities and worlds: The project is observing through different occupations into our society, how they belong together and which kind of possibillity they will have in evidence of not having common sense in present time and future. Therefore I invite artists from five different fields, five different generations, and different experiences who are concentrating in their occupation into permanent transformation, - acting, dancing, modeling, styling, composing. Their physical functions and perception are very diverse. Through finding a way to communicate and exchange each other, it will explore these individual's personal process on stage in order to discover and reveal a more universal one. How can we perceive the body as a body and movement insofar as it is only movement? The collaboration reveals the body close between the human-cultural and the natural-physical, between will, effort, desire.
création prévue en octobre 2010 à Hellerau-Dresden ( Allemagne )

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